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Guide to Buying the Best Body Fat Monitor

Tanita body fat monitorIt is difficult to find objective information about body fat monitors. Plenty of general articles are available, and some publications have reviewed individual models. But it is exceedingly difficult to find online an independent review that compares a range of monitors.

One of the reasons is that nowadays even the cheap, basic models do a quite reasonable job.

Once upon a time Tanita and Omron led the market, thanks to quality, high-tech devices. These two companies are still probably the best, but large numbers of cheap models have also now arrived, and many perform well.

For example, check the Bestsellers in Body Fat Monitors list at, and, though Omron probably continues to dominate (the figures change hourly), you will also find brands that include Taylor, Health o meter, Escali, Weight Watchers, Conair and Homedics, often at very cheap prices.

If you are looking for a basic monitor with few bells and whistles, then one of these cheap devices could serve you well.

In any case, before selecting your model, you need to decide - do you really need a body fat monitor?

For example, an amusing article in US News & World Report, On Fitness: Making Sense of My Body Fat, questioned the need for body fat monitors. It suggested that, for a healthy person, the numbers presented by a body fat monitor were not especially relevant, and might even be misleading.

But if you have decided to buy one, then check out the various models. If you want to do nothing more than gauge your body fat percentage, then a cheap model may suffice. But be aware that technology is advancing in this area, and that Tanita in particular continues to bring out new devices with quite advanced features. (Check the Tanita website for the latest detail.) It could be that by paying just a little more you can buy a monitor with some quite valuable features.

And do check out the customer reviews at online sites like and Epinions. These can offer some very useful guidance to potential purchasers concerning actual user experiences. In fact, in the absence of independent reviews, these will likely be one of your prime sources of information.

See also my report Helping You Find the Best Body Fat Scale, which lists the 15 best body fat monitors, based on customer reviews. And check out the Bestsellers in Body Fat Monitors rankings at - updated hourly - to see what people are currently buying.

I have written reports on the following models:

Escali Body Fat Calculators
Omron HBF-306 Body Fat Analyzer
Omron HBF-400 Body Fat Monitor and Scale
Tanita BC 533 Innerscan Body Composition Monitor
Tanita Body Fat Scale
Tanita Innerscan BC-545 Segmental Body Composition Monitor
Tanita InnerScan Body Composition Monitor Series
Tanita Ironman Body Composition Monitor Series
Taylor Body Fat Scale
Taylor Glass Body Fat Analyzer & Scale
Withings WiFi Body Scale - Does More Than Calculate Body Fat Percentage

December 15th, 2009  




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