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Buyers Guide to the Best CPAP Supplies

CPAP suppliesSleep apnoea is a distressing problem, with many sufferers. Fortunately, advancing technology is generating a growing volume of CPAP supplies on the market to provide relief.

The personal nature of sleep apnoea means that what works well for one person may be less effective for another. Thus, consumer reviews - detailing an individual's experiences with one particular item of CPAP equipment - are extremely useful, in some cases more so than independent, comparative evaluations of a range of products.

Many such reviews are available online. Sales sites like have numerous reviews, and many individual sites also feature them.

CPAP Talk is a forum website with an absolutely huge number of postings on what appears to be just about anything to do with sleep apnoea.

CPAP Station is a sales site that incorporates a Community Bulletin Board. In addition, many of its product listings incorporate brief consumer reviews. Another bulletin board is at Talk About Sleep. is a sales site with a large amount of general information, including a CPAP comparison chart, comparing the five most popular items. Its product listings incorporate many customer reviews.

Sleep Review magazine, though written for professionals, contains a lot of information on CPAP supplies.

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February 23rd, 2007
Updated: November 9th, 2007



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