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AlcoHawk Slim Digital Alcohol Breath Tester - Why Is It So Popular?

Alcohawk Slim Digital Alcohol Breath TesterAt the time of writing the AlcoHawk Slim Digital Alcohol Breath Tester is top of the breath analyzer best seller list. It has also attracted 52 customer reviews, which is more than any other alcohol detector at More than three quarters of the reviewers awarded it four or five stars (out of five).

What makes it so popular? Here are excerpts from some of the reviews:

* Easy to use. Works as described. I bought it as a lark - just to see exactly how "drunk" I was. It's been fun at parties & drinking w/friends. However, having a measuring stick for alcohol has really slowed down my consumption - which no doubt is a good thing. I'd compare this benefit to counting calories. When counting calories, one tends to eat less & eat healthier. This breathalizer has the same effect. I'd love to find a breath tester for calories!

By the way, one of this products greatest advantages is that it is SLIM & you can easily slip it into a pocket, or purse, and carry it with you anywhere. You don't have to leave it in your car! (keeping in mind that most of us with a blood alcohol level over .08 would find it difficult to go back into the party & call for a cab, after we've already ventured out & warmed-up the car. THIS IS A TOOL THAT YOU WANT TO BE ABLE TO CARRY WITH YOU AT ALL TIMES).

* While I have not been able to compare the results of this affordable device with more precise breathalyzers, the results seem to be reasonable. I am satisfied with its performance. It's a lot of fun to bring to parties. But also it's valuable to gain an understanding of how alcohol consumption affects blood alcohol level - especially since it's different for every individual.

* This device does everything it says it does: one button activation, reasonable results, great price. It's an appropriate size and the quality is completely acceptable for this price range. I am also happy that three mouthpieces were provided. I can't really think of any reason to spend 3 or 4 times this much for a device that doesn't have any additional functionality.

* My husband has had 3 DUI's and lost his privilege to drive. Which is a good thing! No one needs people like him driving around. Unfortunately for us, we now have to drive him to work, back home and everywhere else. He is supposed to be alcohol free at all times. He lied to me too many times so I got this to keep him honest. We use this every day to keep him from playing games. It works really well!

* Get the Latest Price on the AlcoHawk Slim Digital Alcohol Breath Tester.

See also my report Guide to Buying the Best Breathalyzer. Check out for its breathalyzer best seller list and for lots of customer reviews. And go to for the latest information on personal breathalyzers, along with promotions and special offers.

December 2nd, 2009




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