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Tanita Body Composition Analyzer - Why Is It So Popular?

Tanita body composition analyzerThe Tanita body fat monitor scale series enjoys tremendous popularity. Check out the Top 100 Bestsellers in Body Fat Monitors rankings. The figures change hourly, but, as of this writing, Tanita body composition analyzers feature prominently.

An example of this popularity is the Tanita BF-679W Duo Scale Plus Body Fat Monitor with Body Water (picture). At the time of writing this Tanita body composition scale had attracted more than 100 customer reviews at, with more than 80% of these four-star or five-star reviews.

Here's an excerpt from a five-star review:

Now, here's a well designed, attractive scale that seems flawlessly accurate. It's easy to use, and stores personal information for two people and 'guests' [who can enter their information in on a third monitor]. You simply enter your age and your height and the scale thereafter comes up with not only a true, accurate (yes, folks, I'm afraid I weighed ten pounds more than I was wishing I did) weight, but also the percentage of body fat and your body's water level.

Most of us know why weight and body fat percentage are important, but how many of know what's important about your body's water level? Anyway, it's all nicely explained inside the owner's manual. So why stick with an old, unreliable scale that keeps you fooling yourself? Get smart and get the Tanita. I've no doubt that you'll be as pleased with its accuracy as I am.

Another very popular Tanita body fat analyzer is the similar Tanita BF-680W Duo Scale Plus Body Fat Monitor with Athletic Mode and Body Water, with more than 75 customer reviews, with nearly 80% of these four-star or five-star reviews.

Here is part of a five-star review:

This scale is fantastic, the measurements and accuracy of this scale are top notch. Moreover, having the body water percentage feature allows you to really monitor the amount of body fat on you. For example, to reduce your PERCENT body fat, just drink more water and it will go lower, but if you subtract the water percent from your actual weight and body fat, u can really monitor the number of pounds of fat you have on your body.

* Get More Information and the Latest Prices on the Tanita Body Composition Analyzer.

See also my report Helping You Find the Best Body Fat Scale, which lists the 15 best body fat monitors, based on customer reviews. And check out the Bestsellers in Body Fat Monitors rankings at - updated hourly - to see what people are currently buying.

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December 15th, 2009




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