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Polar Heart Rate Monitor Strap

Polar heart rate monitor strapThe first stop for learning about the Polar heart rate monitor strap should be the Accessories page of the official Polar website. Then check out, where you can find the latest prices, see the newest products and read customer reviews.

Amazingly, one product, the Polar WearLink+ Replacement Strap, has attracted around 100 customer reviews, with three-quarters of them awarding it four or five stars (out of five).

Here is an excerpt from a four-star review:

This transmitter is super comfortable. The rubber model that comes with the heart rate monitors does not have any comfort issues over this one. The electrodes are sewn inside the fabric of the strap, and they are soft. The only hard piece on this is the plastic transmitter part that is not that big in the front. If you are doing something that involves a lot of body motion, like aerobics, tennis, dance or lifting weights, this fabric model is a better alternative to the rubber model. This fabric strap transmitter might also be a better option for women, who may already be dealing with an underwire bra at the gym.

And from a five-star review:

A great product for your Polar HRM, and a smart improvement if it is time to replace your old transmitter. Don't buy another T31 or T61, buy this one instead.

I run with my Polar six days a week, and probably train about ten hour a week with it. I used to have the T31 with my first Polar (the M61) so I can tell you first hand the Wearlink is far better. In summary more confortable, easier to wash, and a money saver. I was more than happy to throw the old one away after I bought this one.

And from another five-star review:

I've used both the older plastic and the newer fabric Wearlink transmitters. I much prefer the new Wearlink model. I've used my Wearlink transmitter for 1.5 years with absolutely no problems. I wash the fabric strap in the washing machine (delicate cycle) occassionally after removing the hard plastic transmitter. I quickly rinse the transmitter in cool running water to remove accumulated salt build up.

I still haven't had to change the battery out even after 200+ hours of triathlon training and exercise bootcamps. However, I pulled the battery out just to see how easy it was. Very easy! I use my transmitter interchangeably between 2 different models of polar heart rate monitors. My strap has never torn or seemed difficult to remove. I can say from first hand experience that the soft Wearlink transmitter is much more comfortable when wearing an underwire sports bra. The hard plastic model frequently skipped and lost contact when paired with my underwire sports bra. I've never had that issue with the soft Wearlink model.

The Wearlink also works well in water. Chlorine doesn't seem to bother it.

* Get the Latest Price on the Polar Heart Rate Monitor Strap.

Also check out the Polar Store at for special offers and promotions, as well as user reviews and information on new products. And see my Guide to Buying the Best Heart Rate Monitor and my report Polar Heart Rate Monitors.

November 25th, 2009


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