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Lasko Humidifier Filters

Lasko humidifier filtersLasko makes a very large range of filters and other parts for its humidifiers. You can see the full range of Lasko humidifier filters at the company website.

One of the more popular Lasko humidifier filter is the THF11 Lasko Humidifier Replacement Filter (2-pack) (picture), which has attracted four customer reviews (at the time of writing), and which also appeared on's Best-Sellers in Replacement Filters list, which is updated hourly.

Here is an five-star review:

The filters fit perfectly. They are slightly different than the original, in that they have an aluminum mesh on one side. I assume this is to help the filter keep it's shape, and is thus a good idea. Shipped pretty fast. I'm not sure what else to say. They're filters.

A four-star review:

Fits my Natural Cascade Super Humidifier perfectly ... but it would have been nice if there were instructions somewhere on the box. The filter comes silver on one side but nowhere does it say how to install it. Silver side to the air or to the machine? I couldn't find these replacement filters in any local store ... so I'm very happy to have found them here.

And a one-star review:

I bought these for my Lasko humidifier. Its really dry up here in the mountains. Well, these Bestairs don't hold together as well as the Laskos. You can only use them once. If you try to wash them a second time they fall apart!

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February 26th, 2010

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