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Honeywell Humidifier Parts

Honeywell humidifier partsIf you are looking for Honeywell humidifier parts one of the best starting points is Honeywell's own website, which states:

From replacement humidifier pads, to air filters to UV bulbs, let us help you find the right replacement part for your Honeywell product. Simply enter the model number of your product below, or select a category to browse available replacement parts.

Another excellent source of information is a search for Honeywell humidifier parts at, which, at the time of writing, yielded fully 82 results.

The top seller among them was the Honeywell HAC504 Replacement Humidifier Filter (picture). According to a product description:

Humidifier filter removes mineral and pollutants from water. Filter discoloration is natural and will carry depending on water. Replace filter about every two months (depending on use and local water quality) or when performance starts to deteriorate. Help keep your humidifier clean and extend filter life by using other Honeywell accessories including antibacterial treatment (HAC100). This helps control bacteria and algae growth in your water tank, and provides odor free operation for use in evaporative humidifiers only.

It had, amazingly, received no fewer than 62 customer reviews at, with two-thirds of these four-star or five-star reviews.

Here is a five-star review:

I bought these generic filter replacements for our humidifier. They work at least as well as the original. They have a sturdier supporting mesh, and the filter wicks water very well. About half the price of the brand name new one. Highly recommended.

And a four-star review:

Shipped quickly, product in good condition and as described on the site, fits in my humidifier. I didn't have any problems with receiving a generic version - this filter was in the branded Honeywell packaging.

One star off because these ones seem to need replacing more frequently than the slightly more expensive antibacterial ones with the blue layer.

* Get the Latest Prices on Honeywell Humidifier Parts.

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February 22nd, 2010

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