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Holmes Humidifier Parts

Holmes humidifier partsHolmes sells a wide range of humidifier parts. If you wish more information the best place to start is the Holmes humidifier parts page at the company's website. Separately, information is available on Holmes humidifier filters.

One of the products in the "parts" category is Holmes Humidifier Bacteriostat (picture). According to a product description:

# Controls bacteria and algae growth in humidifier reservoirs

# For use in cool-mist humidifiers

# Specifically formulated for your Holmes humidifier

It has attracted 3 customer reviews at Here is a five-star review:

Keeps my humidifier smelling fresh and clean all the time. I highly recommend this product. (Be sure to add after filling the container though or it will bubble up.)

And another:

I have been using this product in my humidifier for six years. I live in a semi-arid climate and run my humidifier for at least eight hours, every single day. I have never had a single problem with algae, mold, or bacteria overgrowth.

And a one-star review:

After many good experiences with purchases, we were astonished when the box containing two bottles of this bacteriostat arrived. They were 1/4 empty already. The labels were moisture-stained and looked awful. Obviously, the product had already been used. Won't purchase this again. I think its star ranking should be negative!

* Get More Information and the Latest Prices on Holmes Humidifier Parts.

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February 26th, 2010

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