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Interview with Rayy Zar of Shaverama

Q: You've recently reinstated the Shaverama blog. Why?

Rayy Zar: The site has been going quite a few years - since around 2005, I believe, which is a long time in cyber-years. But I hadn't been updating it recently.

Q: What exactly is Shaverama?

Rayy Zar: It's a blog that looks at trends in men's grooming products, particularly razors and shavers. I do a lot of product reviews. Over the years the blog had built up quite a reputation for the quality of its information.

Q: So why now?

Rayy Zar: Why not? There is huge demand for information on these products.

Q: What are some of the trends?

Rayy Zar: Some great products are coming along. At the top end of the shaver market you have new technology delivering models that are becoming almost as good as blade shaving. And cheap Chinese manufacturing means we are seeing some excellent low-cost models. I have recently been writing about travel shavers. Some of these cost around $10 or so, yet give a very satisfactory shave.

Q: That's the same as a new set of blades, or a pack of disposable razors.

Rayy Zar: Exactly. We live in exciting times. And Shaverama will be there to chronicle all these developments.

Q: Thank you and good luck.

January 13th, 2013


Most Popular Personal Health Monitors

Here are the five most popular personal health monitors, according to sales made through links on this website.

1. Omron HEM-780 Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor

Omron HEM-780 blood pressure monitorThe enormously popular HEM-780 has attracted more than 700 customer reviews at, with an average rating of four-and-a-half stars (out of five). It officially retails for $109, but you should be able to find it online for substantially less. Here is one review, from a doctor:

As a primary care physician, I've seen a lot of BP monitors that my patients bring to the office to check for accuracy and other features. This one seems to be the best. The easy to apply cuff, auto inflation, its accuracy, the memory, the averaging feature, the AC converter all make it worth the slightly higher price over other Omrons, which I consider the most accurate brand. Since I too have high blood pressure, I decided to buy one myself!Omron HR-100C heart rate monitor

And another:

I work for a major RX chain, have sold many of these models. This one is the best of the Omron line. The cuff is awesome, easy to wrap around the arm. We sell this unit for 100 bucks. I should have bought mine at Amazon.

* Get the Latest Price on the Omron HEM-780 Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor.

2. Omron HR-100C Heart Rate Monitor

This is Omron’s only heart rate monitor product, yet it is – according to - by far the most popular heart rate monitor on the market. At it boasts more than 540 mostly-favorable customer reviews. It retails for $59.99, but by shopping around you should easily be able to buy it for under $35.

* Get the Latest Price on the Omron HR-100C Heart Rate Monitor.

3. Omron HEM-790IT Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor

Omron HEM-790IT blood pressure monitorThe HEM-790IT is the same as the HEM-780, but with the addition of health management software. It retails for $129.99, but is often available online for under $75.

* Get the Latest Price on the Omron HEM-790IT Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor.


4. Omron Elite 7300W Women's Home Blood Pressure Monitor

Omron Elite women's blood pressure monitorThis relatively new product has become a big seller. Omron aims it at women - though of course men can use it too - with the claim that it can "help detect hypertension, a significant contributor to heart disease, as well as preeclampsia, a major concern during pregnancy". In September 2008 Consumer Reports journal named the Omron Elite as one of just four arm models that it rated "excellent." It retails for $79.99, though is available online for around $60.

* Get the Latest Price on the Omron Elite Womens Blood Pressure Monitor.

5. Omron HEM-711AC Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor

Omron HEM-711AC blood pressure monitorThe HEM-711AC is said to be the top-selling blood pressure monitor in the US market. It has received excellent reviews, including from Consumer Reports journal, which in September 2008 named it as one of just four arm models that it rated "excellent." It retails for $89.99, but should be available online for around $50.

* Get the Latest Price on the Omron HEM-711AC Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor.





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