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A growing number of people – including artists and other insiders – are launching blogs dedicated to Southern Gospel. And, such is the spreading popularity of the blogosphere, it’s possibly only a matter of time before these blogs start to have an impact on the industry.

Below are those blogs I know of. I’ll happily add others that are brought to my attention. At the bottom are links to Southern Gospel message boards.


Also, check out's blog page, where some members have launched their own blogs.


Adventures of a Starving Artist
Allison Lynn from Toronto writes about music and Southern Gospel songwriting.


Provocative commentary and the finest writing about Southern Gospel on the internet, from  teacher and writer Douglas Harrison.
A Canadian Perspective
Blog from Southern Gospel singer Kevin Pauls.

Chris Unthank
The name says it all.

Daniel Britt

Occasional musings from a Joy FM announcer.

Danny’s Diary

Reflections from Singing News editor Danny Jones.
Fan of Gospel Music
An SG fan writes about her favorite groups.

Front Row Follies
Southern Gospel happenings, from North Carolina radio presenter Lottie Squires.

Global Southern Gospel Radio Blogger

Randy Renigar writes about happenings at Global Southern Gospel Radio.
Hampton Happenings
Life with the Gaither Vocal Band, from Wes Hampton.
Hearts of Harmony
Blog from members of a Florida Southern Gospel group.
Janet's Blog
Janet Paschal shares her life with her fans.

Jerry’s Journal 

Diary from Singing News editor-in-chief Jerry Kirksey.

Kim McLean Musings
Occasional written and audio blog from the popular songwriter.
The Latest from Emily Sutherland
A Gaither employee blogs about her work.

Maybe I Can Share Something...
Blog from Dixie Echoes bass singer Tracy Crouch.


North Carolina minister of music David Bruce Murray presents superbly informed commentary on the Southern Gospel scene.
On the Road
Members of the Dove Brothers Quartet post commentary on the touring life.
Ransomed Blog
Blog from Ransomed, a trio of brothers.

Robin's Blog
From Robin Milby of the Milby Family.

Roger Bennett’s Midnight Meditations

The late pianist for the Legacy Five wrote a tremendously moving diary of his battle with leukemia.
SG Blog News

“Your one-stop shop for blogs, message boards and news/fan websites related to southern gospel music on the web.” A regular blog round-up from Southern Gospel News.

The ShadBlog!
"An online blog exclusively for fans of the Shadrix Trio."

Southern Gospel Critique
Discussion on Southern Gospel albums, groups and concerts.
The Southern Gospel Lady

“My personal experiences in the Southern Gospel world,” from singer Betty Tilley.

Southern Gospel Perspective
Anonymous blog from a "quartet fan".
Southern Gospel View
Thoughts and opinions on the Southern Gospel music business.

Thoughts, Ponderings and Useless Information
Georgia student A.B. Kendall shares his thoughts about Southern Gospel music.
Daniel Mount provides commentary and analysis on current Southern Gospel happenings.


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