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The Booth Brothers


The Booth Brothers
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The Blind Man Saw It All [CD]

CD7723: The Blind Man Saw It All, Compact Disc [CD]


“The Blind Man Saw It All” from the Booth Brothers is the album that attracted so much attention a couple of months before its release, thanks in part to the great title track, “He Saw It All.” You can read the lyrics here, on the Southern Gospel News website.


A Spring Hill Music promotional preview is here:


“This is an important recording," stated [Phil] Johnson, A&R director for Spring Hill Music and co-producer of the project. "I say that for two reasons. First of all, it’s the recording that I think The Booth Brothers will look back on and say, ‘The Blind Man Saw It All was the recording where we found our voice’.


"Secondly, I think…the lyrical and musical content of the recording is the most diverse yet timely combination of songs they have yet to record. When an artist listens to the playback of a just finished mix and says ‘now that really speaks to me,’ you know something good has been accomplished."


US Gospel News carried an interesting article (pdf file) on the background to the album, and Avery Fineline has reviewed it.

The Booth Brothers [CD]

CD10462: The Booth Brothers, Compact Disc [CD]


“The Booth Brothers” is the album that reviewer David Bruce Murray gave five stars to, writing, “What propels this CD from a level of ‘very good’ to ‘great’ are the surprises that happen along the way.” And the anonymous Southern Gospel Commentary blogger wrote: “If you decide to buy this CD just keep listening and it will grow on you. Right now I am close to wearing it out, if you can wear out a CD.”




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