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November 3rd - November 24th, 2005

Free Postage at Ann Downing Ministries

Thank you to several people who have emailed with suggestions concerning my problems (see below) in making contact with As far as I know the issue is being resolved. One correspondent pointed out that the online store at Ann Downing Ministries is offering free postage on all orders, until the end of November. So that’s where I’ll be buying the new Ernie Haase and Signature Sound DVD.

November 24th, 2005


A Sudden Spike

A sudden spike in visitor numbers to this site can mean only one thing – a link from Southern Gospel’s most popular blogger Avery Fineline. Thank you. He’s made mention of my attempts (see below) to contact The good news is that I’ve at last received a reply from them and it looks like the problem will be sorted out.

November 23rd, 2005


HELP! – Does Anyone Know How to Contact has taken $65 from my credit card account, even though I thought I had successfully cancelled my membership renewal, after feeling misled by their offer of “two Homecoming videos, DVDs or CDs of your choosing.” (See item below.)


I spent some time on the website looking for an email address of a real person that I could contact. I couldn’t find anything, so last week sent the following email to the webmaster at Gaithermusic.


I’ve been a member of for several years.


A few days ago – attracted by an offer of “two Homecoming videos, DVDs or CDs of your choosing” – I renewed my membership for a further year.


However, I then found that the products on offer were not of my choosing, but of your choosing – that is, I had to select from a very restricted list of videos, DVDs and CDs. There was nothing on the list that I wanted, so I immediately returned to the My Account section of and clicked on a button that appeared to allow me to cancel my membership renewal.


However, I now find that $65 has been deducted from my credit card account.


I would be grateful if you could investigate this.


Thank you.


I haven’t had any reply. Does anyone know how to contact the people? Please email me here.

November 22nd, 2005


“Two Homecoming Videos, DVDs or CDs of Your Choosing.” – What Do You Think It Means?

A week ago I wrote about my desire to buy the new Signature Sound DVD. Trouble was, I wasn’t sure where to buy it. Then yesterday I got an email from, offering a “free gift” in celebration of the website’s fifth anniversary – renew my subscription for one year, for $65, and I’d receive “two Homecoming videos, DVDs or CDs of your choosing.” (You can read it here.)


Problem solved.

I decided that along with the Signature Sound DVD I’d choose another DVD, “Cathedrals: A Farewell Celebration,” and I went and renewed my subscription.


Next I went to the Gaither store, where I was told to click a box to claim my two free items. And it was there that I was presented with a list, from which I was to choose my gifts.


Neither the Signature Sound nor Cathedrals DVDs were on the list. In fact, not a lot of DVDs were there at all – and I already own most of those that were on offer. The list comprised mainly CDs, which I don’t want, as I seldom listen to them.


I quickly went back to the My Account section of Right at the bottom of the special promotion offer were the words: “This promotion is non refundable. You can not cancel this membership for a refund.”


But a button on the site appeared to allow me to cancel. I clicked it. Now I’m not sure if I’ve cancelled or not. I’ll have to check my credit card statement to see if $65 has been deducted (so far it hasn’t been).


“Two Homecoming videos, DVDs or CDs of your choosing.”


I guess those words must have a different meaning in the US than they do down here in Australia.

November 16th, 2005


Good Job, Guys

Living in Australia, I’ve never attended a Southern Gospel concert. But I have seen live one of the artists in the list on the right-hand side of this website – the Katinas. They came to Melbourne early this year with Franklin Graham, and I saw them at the Telstra Dome. They were great. So it’s pleasing to read an excellent review of their recording “Timeless,” over at the Bella Online website:

With their harmonious voices that have become legendary over the course of their career, the Katinas spin their velvet vocals over tunes such as the Andre Crouch classic "My Tribute" with grace and passion. The ballad "Arms of Love" by Amy Grant is delivered with heart-felt fullness and beauty. Other tunes of note are "I'm Forgiven" and the mainstream tune by Mike and the Mechanics "Living Years" whose theme focuses on forgiveness. Developing a new appreciation for these classic songs is what the Katinas' "Timeless" will do for listeners all over the world. Good job guys.

November 15th, 2005



From a Richmond Times-Dispatch review of a Gaither Homecoming concert:


The moment a comedian is introduced during a gospel music show is usually the right moment to visit the restroom and/or the concession stand….


Actually, the reviewer finds one comedian worth sticking around for.

November 15th, 2005


The Age-Old Question - Which Mark Lowry Do You Prefer?

The Dallas Morning News opens the Book of Hyperbole for a preview of a Mark Lowry concert:

It's an age-old question – a query that has gone unanswered for eons. Philosophers have pondered, theologians have ruminated, and yet the question remains: Which Mark Lowry do you prefer?


The paper doesn’t really give an answer, but it’s always fun to read about Mark.

November 13th, 2005


A Signature Decision

I’ve decided to buy myself an early Christmas present - the new Ernie Haase and Signature Sound DVD. But where should I buy it?

Here in Australia, my local Gaither music distributor doesn’t have any in stock, and in any case the price is A$39.95, which is US$29.35. As with most CDs and DVDs in Australia, it is usually cheaper to order directly from the US, rather than buy from local stores.


For Gaither products, I normally go straight to the store, which gives free postage – even airmail to Australia - to members (of which I’m one). But for some reason, the store doesn’t sell the DVD alone, but bundles it with the CD – which I don’t need - for $29.95. By contrast, Amazon sells it for $17.98, but postage to Australia would be an extra $6.48.


I’m an affiliate of (if you’re interested, I made $31.25 in October from visitors to this site buying stuff at the store). Their price is just $15.99, and I would effectively get an additional 6% off. But are they selling the DVD or the video? I’m not sure. Anyway, they charge $10 for postage.


Springside Marketing’s online store charges $18.95, and I have to contact them to learn what they’ll charge me for postage.


There are further complications. If I order from Amazon I’ll easily be able to find a few other items to buy, and that’ll lower the average postage fee. And as best I know, still gives a free item to customers spending more than $100 (not difficult for me).


What to do? Decisions, decisions.

November 9th, 2005


Springhill – The World’s Greatest Music Company

What a surprise. In the mail yesterday came a CD from Springhill – The Booth Brothers – and a letter advising me that I’m their “CD-A-WEEK GIVEAWAY” contest winner. I don’t even remember entering that contest. It must have been a few months ago, when I launched this website. Anyway, thank you very much. I’m truly appreciative. I’ve listened to the CD a couple of times, and it’s growing on me.

November 8th, 2005

Gospel Music Fan

A friendly email has come from Gospel Music Fan, thanking me for placing a link to them on my website. Actually, I should be thanking them. They were one of the first to link to me, when I launched my site. And they provide a great collection of links. I don’t know how they do it, but somehow they seem to find out about all the new blogs before anyone else. An excellent site to visit often to learn what’s new.

November 7th, 2005

Loving God, Loving Each Other

An interview with Janet Paschal – conducted by Gaither employee Emily Sutherland - is at the website. As far as I can work out, it is for members only, though I can’t be sure. Here’s Janet on the best way you can help friends who are suffering from cancer or other illnesses:

Everyone offers to help and that is wonderful; however, the ones who just decide to help are priceless. Here's my working list...

Call up one Saturday and say - I'm on my way over and I'm going to clean your house. (That was my personal favorite.)

Bake and freeze dishes that someone can cook when needed.

Go with them to a treatment appointment. That is one of the most endearing efforts ever.

If they have children, do something with them on a regular basis. Knowing their children are having a 'normal' life will help a parent more than anything.

My dad kept my puppy for me during EVERY chemotherapy treatment - both times. He always acted like he was happy to do it - no fanfare, no big deal - just quietly helping. Those are the things you don't forget.

Lastly, call and visit. I was not good about returning phone calls during those months, but it meant so much for me to hear messages from people I knew. That was SO important.


Janet’s doctor tells her there’s a 95% chance her cancer won’t recur.

November 5th, 2005


“Jessy Dixon Gospel Concert Was a Blast”

The headline on an enjoyable report in the Cayman Net News – about a Jessy Dixon concert in the Cayman Islands – tells it all.

November 5th, 2005


The Most Moving Story You’ll Read Today

I don’t know where the Mooresville-Decatur Times newspaper is, but its managing editor Brian Culp has just written a terribly moving article about a local man, Danny Moon, and his battle with Parkinson’s Disease.

Danny is 57, and for 40 years he has been promoting Southern Gospel concerts. But the disease nearly stopped him:


The doctor called Moon into the office and said, “Danny, I’m your friend, but I’m also your doctor and I’ve got to tell you something. “You’ve got Parkinson’s.”


Moon stops for a second reliving the moment as several tears streak down his stubbled face, some landing on the table and some on the floor as his head continues its bob and weave, back and forth.


For a while everything stopped. All he did was go to work and then home. The gospel promotions stopped.


“I can’t do it any more Lord, I can’t do it,” Moon remembers saying.


But then he was at Poe’s Cafeteria one night with some friends and he felt a voice calling him.

He excused himself and Moon went into the back room and began to pray. The Lord told him that he isn’t done. He has to continue his work, bringing the gospel to people. After a sustained argument he went back to the table and told his friends, “There’s going to be a concert right here at Poe’s.”


Incredulous, they offered to help.


Read the whole article. Read about the miracle of that concert at Poe’s Cafeteria. Learn about Danny’s dream to promote concerts with Karen Peck and Greater Vision, artists whose music has deeply touched him.


And find out how Danny’s trust in the Lord has renewed the managing editor’s own faith.

November 3rd, 2005

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