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November 28th - December 30th, 2005

Quote of the Day – from Larry Gatlin

Larry Gatlin in the Arkansas Times:


I see some people who, bless their hearts, get so entangled in their jobs, especially entertainers, they get so enmeshed and cross-collateralized in their persona that they can’t tell the difference,” he said. “I looked at a People magazine yesterday, my wife was reading it, and all these famous people, some are just famous for being famous. You sure wouldn’t want to be in a lifeboat with them or lost in the woods.

December 30th, 2005


Chonda’s Christmas

Chonda Pierce tells us about her special Christmas presents:


So, are you wondering what I got for Christmas? Lots of sweet things… perfume, warm scarf, an ELECTRIC can opener (Hallelujah!), a Recovery Bible (I’ve been wanting one of those for a while). Oh, and my husband surprised me with a very special gift: This past year “our tree” got hit by lightning, it was the tree we stood under when he proposed to me almost 23 years ago. Lo and behold, he salvaged that thing and made a beautiful bench for my kitchen table with it. Complete with a “David loves Chonda” heart carved in the corner and the date he proposed etched in the other! Another gift within a gift!

December 29th, 2005


Extreme Makeover for Southern Gospel Radio

The anonymous quartet fan at Me Blog SG is up to his (her?) ninth day of giving Christmas gifts, and the latest is a gift to Southern Gospel radio – a complete makeover.


He has six suggestions. Here are two of them:


Know the names of the groups you are playing and how to pronounce them. One way to ensure this is to hire competent, true SG fans. Not a college kid who only listens to CCM. Have DJ's throw in interesting (but quick) facts about some of the groups that are playing.

Limit (or eliminate) the preaching programs. Most of them are not good (especially the local guys) and turn listeners away.

December 20th, 2005


…If You Know What I Mean!

Chonda Pierce talks about her busy life, in her latest Roadkill Report:


Well, I’m running around like a chicken with its head cut off! And I’m from Tennessee! I know exactly what that looks like. And it usually means my grandmother was standing in the yard doing the yankin’ – if you know what I mean!

December 16th, 2005


One Of the Most Exciting Audiences Ever

The Booth Brothers have just returned from the latest Gaither Homecoming taping, in South Africa. They describe it in their latest newsletter:


We’ve been so blessed to be a part of the Gaither tour for almost four years now, and though we’ve had some wonderful shows, I’ve never seen an audience respond to the program like the beautiful people of South Africa. They have been waiting for years for all of us to visit them. I did not expect them to know who the Booth Brothers were, but man was I wrong! We walked outside the theatre after sound check and immediately were surrounded by people shouting “Booth Brothers!” The folks were so kind to us that the least we could do was stop to talk to them and take some pictures. They treated us with such respect and made us feel at home.


…As expected, the setting was absolutely beautiful. The music was well arranged and performed with excellence. That had to be one of the most exciting audiences (if not the most exciting!!) we have ever performed for. You could tell these folks had been anxiously waiting for a long time to see the show.

December 16th, 2005


A Major Computer Crash

A message from The Gospel Station, broadcasters of some of the best online Southern Gospel music:


Just wanted to let you know that we had a major computer crash late on Monday and that's why we're off the air. Since you have a computer you understand how troublesome they can be. We have our computer techs working on our system right now and hope to be back online soon. Since I have your attention, I just wanted to say thank you for listening to us. You have made us the most listened-to Southern Gospel radio station on the internet in the world. And for that we're eternally grateful. Please continue to pray for us and keep telling your friends to listen. God bless you and your family and from our family to yours, Merry Christmas!!

December 14th, 2005


“Do I Know You?” – Memories of Mark Lowry

Journalist Jack Williams provides some amusing stories of meeting Mark Lowry, in order to compile his press kit:


To interview him for our project, I had to become his driver one day. The plan was for me to pick him up at an Anderson hotel and deliver him to a rehearsal location, squeezing questions in somewhere in between. When I arrived at his hotel room, I found a door that was ajar, a TV blasting and the composer of “Mary, Did You Know?” in a daze under the covers. When I woke him, he jumped out of bed, fully clothed, including jacket and shoes. He then explained to me that he had returned from Europe the previous day and was still lagging, jet wise. I reminded him of what state of the U.S. we were in and escorted him to the taxi.

…Sometime later, when I worked with him on a photo book, I had to request several family photos from his mother, prints which I returned after the project delivered. The next time I saw Mark, I went up to him and asked him to thank his mother for the use of the photos. He looked at me a minute and then said, “Do I know you?”

December 7th, 2005


Ann Downing’s New Single a Hit

Ann Downing’s new single "He Already Knew Me" has made its debut at number 46 on Singing News magazine's Top 80 chart for the month of January 2006. No female soloist has debuted higher since February 2003. 


Ann’s last big chart success came when "Climbing Jacob's Ladder" was proclaimed the highest ranking single (#25) by a soloist in Southern Gospel music, according to Singing News magazine's 1999 year-end chart. The song peaked at number 8 in May of that year.

December 3rd, 2005


Roger Bennett Back in Hospital

Debbie Bennett writes that husband Roger’s cancer has returned:


Roger is still in the hospital, and will remain there for the next few days. We are still waiting on more test results and doctors' visits that will give us more information. We don't have a plan of attack yet, but it looks like chemotherapy will be the first line of defense. Another concern is that Roger has lost his voice, due to either a mass on his vocal chords, or an enlarged lymph node that is pressing on the chords. Again, we don't know definitively. There is some discomfort involved, but I do admire how he is hanging in there. We are both at peace with the diagnosis, but there are a few moments of fear and uncertainty that crop up now and then.


We will keep all of you posted as we gain more information, but we would love to have your prayers: for us as we are in Houston; for Chelsea in Tennessee; for Jordan as he is on the road with Legacy Five, then back in Tennessee; for our extended families; and for the doctors and nurses as they treat Roger.


We are still right where we need to be.

December 3rd, 2005


Merry Christmas and Happy Giving

Mark Lowry names his three favorite charities:


For years, I prayed God would bring ministries into my life that I could invest in; ministries that don't have a big mailing list, a national TV show or great notoriety but are making an impact on the kingdom of God. I have found three that I would like to tell you about: All About Care, Magdalene House, and Rick and Mick Ministries.


I get nothing from this but the pleasure of letting you know where there is some good soil. You know, just because someone has an 800 number doesn't necessarily mean it's “good soil'” You have the seed but it can't grow unless it's in good soil. Be careful not to plant your seed on Interstate 40. If you do, don't expect a crop.


No sir, when I invest my money into charities, I check 'em out. I want to get a big eternal bang for my buck. And these ministries stretch the dollars, pinch the pennies and waste nothing.


I believe that God has blessed me for blessing them. Try it. Invest in All About Care, Magdalene House or Rick and Mick Ministries and see if God doesn't bless you.


Merry Christmas, everybody! And happy giving!

December 3rd, 2005


Broken Bones and Missing Teeth

Randy Travis performs at Maranatha Chapel in Rancho Bernardo, California, and speaks to the senior pastor about faith, obedience, repentance – and his early life.


“You can have all you want and still not be satisfied,” Travis said about his early life in the entertainment industry. “But I don’t want anything to do with that anymore. Satan will attack you with your weakness.”

Before “getting his life right with God,” Randy said, his life was a wreck. “I've totaled four cars, two motorcycles, and a horse and buggy,” said Travis. “I've been in at least 30 fights and always walked away from them. I have no idea why I wasn't killed, except that I know that God was looking out for me.”

Travis admitted having a volatile temper that often proved brutal. “When I got angry—people would have to go to the hospital with broken bones and missing teeth,” he said.

December 1st, 2005


Yelling Out Loud for Joy

Bonnie Keen names two artists whose music “makes me yell out loud in my car for joy!” - Travis Cottrell and Lisa Bevill.

November 28th, 2005


The Last Praise Gathering

The Herald Bulletin in Anderson, Indiana, carries a lengthy report of the 2005 Praise Gathering:


Bill [Gaither] related some sage advice he was given years ago: When a busy person takes on a new project, something else has to go. For now, that something else is Praise Gathering. For those attending the last edition of that vehicle, however, the spark was still evident...

November 28th, 2005


Dottie Rambo in Bomb Threat

Dottie Rambo and her staff are okay—but they had some unexpected excitement last week at Love Field in Dallas. Dottie's plane was arriving just about the time a man, inside the airport, dropped a bag and yelled, "Bomb in the bag!" Reports say the man then took off his clothes and ran.


A full report is at

November 28th, 2005


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