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July 21st - August 29th, 2006

Keeping Families Together
Great feature on Bill Gaither at the American Profile website.

Helping others has become the cornerstone of Gaither's music ministry. He schedules the Gaither Vocal Band's tour dates on Friday and Saturday nights so the band's younger members can spend more weekday time with their families. Often, Gaither travels overnight by bus so other band members can use the company airplane and spend one more night at home. "It's a pretty good way of keeping families together,” he says.

He uses his tours as a platform to launch the careers of other young Christian singers, while his Homecoming videos, which feature an ensemble of gospel greats, have provided much-needed income—as well as a feeling of appreciation—to older, less active singers and performers.

August 29th, 2006

Singing News - Giving the World the Finger
Singing News
magazine continues to taunt the 95% of the world's population who live outside the US. I've just received by email a special offer - a 12-month subscription to the magazine for $20, and in addition a bonus 2-CD set and a bonus Bill Gaither issue of the magazine.

And then, in the email, the small print - Offer Valid in US Only.

For the residents of all the other 200+ countries in the world it is $80, and doesn't seem to include the CDs. (Or $40 in Canada).

Is there any other magazine in the US that charges international subscribers four times what local residents must pay? No wonder Southern Gospel doesn't spread outside the US.
August 16th, 2006


What sort of people buy Gaither Homecoming DVDs?

I am an occasional buyer of books and music from, and every so often receive an email recommending particular products the company believes I will like, based on my previous purchases.

Last year I bought from the "Jerusalem" and "Israel Homecoming" DVDs. This morning I received an email from

We've noticed that customers who have purchased "Jerusalem" also purchased "Demonic" on DVD. For this reason, you might like to know that "Demonic" will be released on August 22, 2006 on DVD. You can pre-order yours at a savings of 10% by following the link below.

And here's the description of "Demonic," which is apparently a horror movie:

Tom Savini ("Land of the Dead") leads a terrifying trip into the darkness of desire…when five teens become stranded in a forest roamed by beautiful and deadly creatures who seduce unsuspecting victims to their deaths.

I ask again: what sort of people buy Gaither Homecoming DVDs?
August 11th, 2006


Feelin' Alright, Doin' Okay
A few years ago I wrote a short piece that I titled "Gaither Vocal Band – Bringing Southern Gospel to Sydney, While Avoiding All the Crocodiles," about the Gaither tour stopover in Sydney. I thought it an amusing report, though on reflection it seems a bit lame.

Anyway, after I wrote it, I emailed all the artists who'd appeared at the Sydney Opera House Gaither show to tell them of the article (and, by the way, got a lovely reply from Janet Paschal). Well, I emailed all the artists except for the Easters. I couldn't find their email address anywhere on their website.

I guess they don't want to hear from their fans, I thought.


Seems I was wrong. Read what they've posted on the News page of their site.

On average, we get 3-5 song submissions a week, year round. Jeff & I always personally listen to each of them. "Feelin' Alright, Doin' Okay" was pitched to us over a year ago. It was such a fun song that we kept the demo in our car and listened often as we ran errands around town, whether it was a quick run to the store or a longer, more leisurely drive. When it came time to pick songs for our new album, this one was a given. We chose it because of how it made us feel. Like I've always said, if it moves us, it will move others. This one will make you smile.

They listen to each of them. That's pretty impressive.
August 5th, 2006


Indiana Living Legends Spill the Beans
The annual Indiana Living Legends gathering has heard that Gloria Gaither has turned a John Steinbeck novel into a stage play. And the Indiana governor has revealed which Bill Gaither song makes his wife cry.
July 25th, 2006


Mom's Gaither Vocal Band White-Bread Gospel
From the St Petersburg Times:

It's not like my mom and I listen to all the same music, because, let's face it, that would be sad. I'd sooner take a header into traffic than listen to the Gaither Vocal Band white-bread gospel that Mom adores.
July 22nd, 2006


Southern Gospel on Steroids
Ernie Haase tells the Grand Rapids Press about his love for the "pure, old-fashioned quartet":

"But I wanted to have a translated version -- like the amplified version of the Bible in today's language. In this MTV generation, people have to see it as well as hear it," he said.

After 10 years as the tenor voice of the famed Cathedral Quartet -- and a stint as a solo artist -- Haase crafted a new quartet with a hip look and some stage choreography; yet with the old time, four-voice harmony which has remained popular through the decades.

They demonstrate their combination with smart steps through peppy songs such as "Trying To Get A Glimpse."

"That one's on steroids -- it's high octane," Haase said.

July 21st, 2006



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