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This is a riveting read of the spiritual journey of one of the most deeply
disciplined seekers I have ever met. You'll find it provocative, entertaining and spiritually sobering. Its hard to put down. Read it, digest it and be challenged. There’s more to this story than meets the eye!
Philip Johnson, co-author, Riding the Rollercoaster and Sacred Quest

Today, many have embarked on a spiritual journey, but few have done it
with the enthusiasm dedication and intensity of Michael Graham. While still a  teenager, a twenty-eight year odyssey began, leading him to India where he had dramatic encounters with some of the 20th century's most famous Eastern religious teachers.

In this very personal account he tells of these  meetings and spiritual
awakenings and then his subsequent efforts to  reconcile his amazing
experiences with his questioning intellect. At the same time he presents an eloquent insider’s account of the Western world’s fascination with Eastern mysticism. This enthralling story will stimulate and challenge all spiritual seekers.
Martin Roth

If you enjoyed Death of a Guru you will  devour this and it will be compulsory reading for all who take seriously the  impact Eastern spirituality is having on the Western world.
Ross Clifford, Principal, Morling Theological College, Sydney

This is a  gripping personal account of how an honest and passionate seeker of truth found the One who is the Truth. This book is a record of a fascinating quest and  an amazing discovery, and must be read by all who are seeking for meaning and love in the growing postmodern spiritual market place.
Dr Robert  Solomon, Principal, Trinity Theological College, Singapore
      Dr Robert  Solomon, Principal, Trinity Theological College, Singapore


The book you are about to read is the spiritual autobiography of an ardent disciplined devotee, Michael Graham. He has a fascinating and compelling journey to share that straddles four continents, spanning over thirty years.  Through his eyes you will be taken into the charismatic, intoxicating worlds of Hinduism and the human potential branch of New Age style spirituality.

This is no ho-hum, so what, who cares, take it or leave it story. Michael is distinguished as one who has rubbed shoulders with the leading gurus and  teachers of our time. As he discloses, Michael was among the first three  western devotees of Swami Muktananda's Siddha Yoga. Michael's spiritual  induction became a legendary illustration to others in the movement. He helped  to organize one leg on Muktananda's first world tour in 1970. He would spend sixteen years in the movement, working in or managing the ashrams in Ganeshpuri,  Miami, Los Angeles, New York and Melbourne.

However, Michael was not just involved in Siddha Yoga. He spent time with other leading gurus such as Bhagawan Sri Rajneesh (Osho), Swami Rudrananda, Da Free  John, U.G. Krishnamurti and H.W.L. Poonja. He also explored mind powers in Silva  mind control, the Forum and Avatar. Michael met New Age luminaries like Marilyn  Ferguson and Ingo Swann, and was friends with the esoteric writer Israel  Regardie. He went on to become a successful mind powers teacher in his own right, combing the best insights that he had found in both Hindu and human potential  thought.

Michael's story winds it's way across the decades and continents and brings us to a startling and amazing mystical experience that has transformed and  empowered his entire being. His thirst for authentic spirituality was slaked in a dramatic and powerful encounter with the divine being who made our world. From  that explosive moment, Michael has walked in a new direction, a spiritual discipline filled with grace and thanksgiving. He has some deep thoughts to share on what this means to him. He believes what he has discovered also has  implications for those of us who are willing to listen.

You are in for a reader's feast, with many courses on the menu to digest and  meditate on. As you read you may laugh a little, be dazzled at times, and even feel your feathers ruffled by some of the things Michael shares. You would  expect nothing less than this from one who has trekked through so many spiritual  disciplines. This is not just a spiritual travelogue of a lone pilgrim. There is an invitation to a banquet with the God who beckons us in love to taste and  see.

Philip Johnson
Founder, New Age Mission
Lecturer, Alternative Spiritual Movements,
PTC & Morling Colleges, Sydney