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Indian Religions - Michael Graham

I have turned this section of the site into a collection of pages on my friend Michael Graham.

Michael, described as "one of the most deeply disciplined seekers I have ever met" and "an honest and passionate seeker of truth", spent 28 years at the heart of Indian religions before becoming a Christian. He has written a book about his spiritual journey, and gives frequent talks and lectures in several countries.

Most recently, he has launched his own ministry in India, reaching out to Western spiritual seekers.

* Turning from Guru to God
I initially met Michael in 1999, when I was asked to interview him for Alive magazine. Here is my article, reproduced with permission.

* Divine Energy and a Dramatic Spiritual Encounter
In this article, Michael recounts the time he received Shaktipat, the transmission of “divine energy”, from his guru, Swami Muktananda.

* A Conversation with Michael Graham
A talk about Eastern religions and the New Age movement.

* Gospel at the Coalface
An interview with Michael about his ministry work at San Quentin prison.

* Learn about Michael's book, "The Experience of Ultimate Truth".

* Reviews of Michael's book.

* A Spiritual Journey
The text of a talk by Michael, also published as a booklet titled "An Autobiography of a Yogi".

* A link to Michael's publisher.

* Contact Michael.

* Empart
A ministry dedicated to church planting in India. It has been working with Michael.


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