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June 28 - June 29, 2002


Saturday 29th June, 2002


Bene Diction posts:


Blog Watch

And…the new kid on the blog is Eye Level. G’day and bonjour!


Because of time differences in this north-south hemisphere blogging partnership, I didn’t get to post this before my Australian deadline. For those of you who missed it, here is Instapundit’s prayer.


USS Clueless with a story on pacifism. Link via Redwood Dragon.


Relapsed Catholic, and Holy Weblog, two of the busiest bloggers in the roll, have lots of links for your weekend reading.


Mallon’s Media Watch on men and marriage and male education.


Midwest Conservative Journal on Cal Thomas’ over reaction to the Pledge decision. Quantum Tea, a non-American feels pretty much the same way.


Are you looking for ideas and links? Here is a blog on blogs.


Do you want to know more about transpropositionality? Stephen’s Blog will be happy to fill you in.


Shark Blog with another killer translation from the German magazine, Die Weit. Do you want to know what the Church of the Nativity terrorists are up to in Europe? Link via lgf.


Ideas interview with Ken Layne about blogs and books. Does anyone want to interview Martin about his books?


Mark Byron is getting married in eight days, and is on his way home for final preparations. God speed, and God bless.


Update your Mere Madness link. It’s here. Why am I getting a Comet Cursor alert?


The Doc at He Lives continues with Calvinism, Arminianism, etc. etc. (I have no idea if I spelled that right) It is nice to see Joyful Christian back at it. Keep him in your prayers, eh?’s blog is 1 year old. That’s ancient in Christian blog time. Go wish him well!


Spudlets responds thoughtfully to Rev. Joshua Sargent’s post on a blog writer’s vision, mission, roll, purpose, community, accountability, slump, etc.


Bloggedy blog has found a quiz. Which parasite are you? In the interests of fair disclosure, I’m an amoeba. Eeuww.


Pssst Spudlets, in response to your email question. There are changes happening at this blog as early as next week. Martin will make the announcements. Stay linked.


We canucks are celebrating Canada Day, the founding of our country July 1, 1867. Back soon. Temps a jouir!



The Hearts of Missionaries

Christianity Today has an interview with Dayna Curry and Heather Mercer as well as excerpts from their book “Prisoners of Hope.”



This Way, That Way, Which Way?

Since this political and legal issue is important to our American friends, here is the latest in the court’s dance over the Pledge of Allegiance. Christianity Today’s Weblog links to 29 articles.



The G8 Gang

Mark Steyn and the sham of plans at Kananaskis, and other fallacies.



Journalist Trades Badges

I’ve been where this guy has. I’ve covered a Billy Graham crusade and I’ve counseled at one. Good story.



Pop-Up Ads

A group of publishers are suing over pop-up ads. There are some big names here; a victory for them may be a victory for all of us.



The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Revising good literature in the name of political correctness, this theatre company needs to get a backbone. Link via WSJ Opinion Journal



Boom Canada

Uh, fella, you’re supposed to call the gas company for a reason here.



Boom Australia

Uh, lady, you’re supposed to turn off the oven. Sadly, there were serious injuries.



Those Annoying Phone Solicitors

This time, the phone company sales pitch saves a guy’s life.


-posted 8:50am, by Bene Diction



Friday 28th June, 2002


Bene Diction posts:



New Kids on the Blog:

Emergent downunder

McGyver saves the Catholic Church

Building Zion

Missionfield Molly’s Many Musings

Beth’s Blog  Wife of blogger Joshua Sargent.


G’day and Bonjour to all of you!


Catholic and Enjoying it has an anti-Semitic drivel alert. Also there is a post responding to Josh Claybourn’s request for a Catholic perspective on the end times.


Mark Byron and Ideas join other Christian political/war bloggers Cut on the Bias, Brothers Judd and Midwest Conservative Journal on Instapundit’s blog list. Congratulations!


Speaking of Americans, while going through our blog list earlier, I noticed around 90% to 95% of American bloggers who posted had something on their Pledge of Allegiance and the 9th Circuit Court decision. Is a wolf pack mentality developing? Is everyone jumping on the Jerry Falwell bandwagon? Vodka Pundit at least has a world view and strong words for this Pledge obsession.


Every blogger go read this. Now. If you have something to say, then try to comment politely. Beats having to slog through all these Christian posts on the Pledge of Allegiance.


Tolle, Blogge on Stanley Hauerwas.


Quantum Tea and Barrabas take on Armed and Dangerous’ misconceptions about Christianity.


Joyful Christian, He Lives, Spudlets and Mark Byron on church interchangeability and fellowship for Protestants.



Aum Shinrikyo

The death penalty has been given to ‘Home Affairs Minister” Tomomitsu Niimi of the Japanese cult responsible for the 1995 Toyko subway sarin gas attack and the 1994 attack in Matsumoto. Their beliefs are here under “A”.



China Faces AIDS Crisis

China’s HIV/AIDS epidemic is becoming catastrophic.




Asylum seekers are sewing their lips shut again in another hunger strike at Woomera camp. Here is how Australian churches are trying to help.



Tanzania Train Crash

Many of the victims and survivors of Tuesday’s crash were Christians.



Al Quaeda’s Computer Skills

Cyber attacks are more of a possibility than previously thought.



Not Just Holy Cows

This child shares a vat of milk with holy rats in a Hindu temple.



Killer Giraffe

A giraffe suspected of killing an American pastor in Kenya has jumped to its death.



Cabbages and Crime

Eating veggies help lower criminal impulses.



Squirrelly Littering Law

A seventy-year-old Michigan woman could be jailed for feeding squirrels in her backyard and local park. The charge? Littering.



Quote of the Day

Most people want to serve God, but only in an advisory capacity.


-posted 9:40am, by Bene Diction