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June 21 - June 26, 2002


Wednesday 26th June 2002


Bene Diction posts:



Gíday and Bonjour to the new kids on the blog, Stephenís Blog and


Midwest Conservative Journalís Editor was not as impressed with the Presidentís speech as some are. (P.S. Iím a happy blogger! An email from the editor of MCJ made my day. Shoot, itís made my week! I could tell you why I respect certain blogs, but Iíll refrain here in blogwatch. Yes! Ok. Dance of joy is over, back to work.)


Lets hope Redwood Dragon has his dragon fire-breath, roar and armour ready as he takes on Armed and Dangerousí lame blast at Christianity.


The Homeschooling Revolution scores an interview with the 2002 National Geographic Bee.


He Lives and Country Keepers engage in a restrained and polite debate on creation. Actually itís a drawn out debate, I think Country Keepers is off on a trip again.


-posted 12:20pm, by Bene Diction



Join the Party Ė 200 Christian Blogs and Counting is celebrating! And I, the encamped Canuck, have the honour of being your MC.


What are we celebrating?


The Semi-Definitive Christian Blog List added its 200th blog this week.


Martin Roth, this is your blogís life. It all began in April, 2002.


I found this on Google, archived from one of our UK blogs, the


Martin Roth writes:

I've got my new Aussie Christian weblog up and running ( and I'm hoping I might score a free plug or two from existing bloggers willing to give a leg up to a newbie. Please check out the site. If you read my biography you'll learn how I claim (genuinely) to be the person who introduced karaoke to the English-speaking world.

I'm flattered that anyone should think a plug from me is worth having, so of course I'm happy to oblige. I wonder if we're supposed to thank him or curse him for karoake?

And this, April 19, 2002, from the irrepressible Aussie Tim Blair:


TO THE sprawling plurality of Australian bloggers Ė which already includes anti-war bumblers, hot-tempered New Leftists, commie-insulting booze Hoovers (and insulted commies), punchy veteran journalists, thoughtful Adelaide cynics, pro-war ex-lefties, and politically-savvy football umpires Ė add one more: Martin Roth, the Australian Jesus Blogger. Welcome aboard, Martin. No swearing.


As Martin reached out to other bloggers, some linked him. Their kindness gave him an idea. Why not start a Blog List of other Christian bloggers?  So he reached out again. And they responded. And the Semi-Definitive Christian Blog List got noticed:


MARTIN ROTH now has a more comprehensive list of Christian blogs.

       Posted by Glenn Reynolds at April 30, 2002, 09:01PM


And this from John Leo of US News, JWR, and Townhall on May 6th, 2002:


Martin Rothís personal blog is one of the numerous religion focused sites found on the web. It boasts the ďsemi-definitive listĒ of Christian blogs.


And this in Gospelcom.netís Internet for Christians, June 3, 2002.


What's a Christian blogger, and why is it important? Christian weblogs--regularly updated online journals and message boards--are increasing in popularity, and Martin Roth found the phenomenon interesting enough to devote a Web site to it. At his Web site, you'll find a comprehensive list of Christian weblogs addressing all manner of topics, as well as Roth's own weblog, insights into the weblog phenomenon and the ways it manifests itself in contemporary Christianity.

Every single one of you linked in the semi-definitive list has been a part of cyber-history. Every single one of you is an important guest here. When I started at Martinís site a month ago, he told me something I have thought about often. He is the steward of the list of this diverse and committed group. Blog Watch was born. Every blog gets read a few times a week, every blogger gets treated with the honour that Martin received. Philippians 2:3


Honour: Hold in high respect or public regard. Magnanimity.


Now, three months later this Semi Definitive List is 200+ blogs and growing. This multi-national group of bloggers celebrate their faith from Australia, Canada, Germany, New Zealand, UK, Europe, Argentina, Netherlands, Philippines and the USA.


To all of you, a very public thank you.


-posted 7:20am, by Bene Diction



Tuesday 25th June, 2002


Bene Diction posts:


Blog Watch

New Kids on the Blog:

Food for Thought

From the Anchor Hold

I Think I Need a Stiff Drink

Imago Dei





Gíday and Bonjour to all of you!


The Connexion expands on Thinking Out Loudís post on church growth.


Tim Blair matches Martin Rothís pledge to Boxing at Sunset for the 24-hour Blogathon.


Andrew Sullivan on the tensions of the summer of 2002.


Mark Byron picks up on Jordan Cooperís rant from yesterday.


The comments sections at hownowbrownpau and sacra doctrina about The Leaderboard are quite interesting.


HealYourChurchWebsite on spam.


Holy Weblog has been busy posting, lots to catch up on here.




Iran changes its marriage laws. The age of consent goes up to 13 and 15.




Sectarian violence continues in Northern Ireland as Orangeman parade day approaches.




After Israeli television executives threatened to yank CNN off the countryís cable system, an effort is being made to give more balanced reports. This idea is similar to the Jerusalem Post and Debka, and can keep us from being desensitized to the human toll of terrorism.



Baptists and Abuse

Terry Mattingly ask whether autonomous Baptist congregations can deal with their sexual abuse problems.



Bad TV Is Universal

Italians say they like the commercials better than most of the shows they get.




A petting zoo for stingrays isnít going very well - for the rays, that is.




The planet Mars has a happy face crater.


-posted 10:05am, by Bene Diction



Monday 24th June, 2002


Bene Diction posts:


Blog Watch

Welcome the New Kid on the Blog, Soul Glow Dot Net.


Ideola has a good review of Tony Campoloís,  ďFollowing Jesus Without Embarrassing GodĒ.


Mediatoís faith and ethics rant on homosexuality.


Redwood Dragon looks at the richness of Christian intellectual tradition. While there, check out his post on the death penalty.


Mark Byron answers some tough questions on the Holy Land, then asks his own.


Jordon Cooper deals with angry emails over two of his posts.


World War III looks at witness journalism.


Anne Wilson on Islamís Rent-a-Wife.


Andrew Sullivan on his anniversary of testing HIV-positive.


Threshing Room Floor is quite the poet.


Heal Your Church Website says good-bye to his Sunday school class as only he can.




As The Left Behind Series by Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins continue to be best-sellers, Americans are looking at what the bible says about the end of the world.



Child Abuse

Little Green Footballs has a story on what Palestinian kindergarten children are being taught.



Australian Cult

The Order of St. Charbel in New South Wales has been banned by the pope. Theyíve decided to sue the Holy See, and the Sydney and Melbourne Archdiocese.




CNN is meeting with Israelís Communication Minister today. After threatening to yank CNN off Israel cable networks, the network is doing damage control. CAMERA, the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America has details. Link via Tal G.




Canada is putting its foot down with the US about the inventor of the telephone.



No Fever Here

Mark Steyn turns his devastating wit on Americans and World Cup Soccer.


-posted 9:10am, by Bene Diction



Saturday 22nd June, 2002


Bene Diction posts:


Abu Sayyaf

Aldam Tilao aka Abu Sabaya has been killed in a shoot out with Philippine troops. This Muslim terrorist group held missionaries Martin and Gracia Burnham and nurse Ediborah Yap. The US put up a million dollar reward for the capture of Sabaya and four other leaders.



Chinese Mines

The death toll could rise in a Chinese coalmine as rescuers scramble to save four miners. The mine explosion has claimed 111 lives. Chinese mines lack even the most basic safety equipment and training. There were more than 5000 mining deaths in China in 2001.




The Orthodox Church in Jerusalem and the Holy Land supports Palestinian martyrs.



Happy Anniversary

Focus on the Family celebrates 25 years.




Lileks has a new one!



Advertisement takes tomorrow off. For your reading edification, Martin has completed putting his book online, Living Water to Light the Journey.




God doesnít call the qualified, He qualifies the called.



Blog Watch

Thinking Out Loud has attempted to replicate for Christian blogs what N.Z. Bear has done with his war blog eco system. He calls it The Leaderboard. Iíd like to address FAQ question on why particular blogs are popular but first need to ask him to clarify what he means by popular.


Joshua Claybourn has an interview on the Seventh Day Adventist Network promoting Hoosier Review, Nickle Creek and (needs Real Player)


The new kid on the blog had the misfortune of being victim to one of my typos. Not a nice way to treat the new guy. Prinsiania City, my apologies.


Little Green Footballs puts a face to a victim. Read the comments too. Link via Junk Yard Blog


Iíve been posting how bloggers see their place and their ideology on blogs this past week. Redwood Dragon on fractal blogging.


The Culture Curve looks at Christians and closed campuses in the US.


Kairos on the sin of pride.


He Lives on grace, merit and the reformation.


In a Mirror Dimly on the disestablishment of the Church of England.


-posted 1:05pm, by Bene Diction



Friday 21st June, 2002


Bene Diction posts:


Catholic and Enjoying It takes on a Nigerian scam artist


Catholic Blog for Lovers has been away from his computer because he was in ICU. Send well wishes his way, ok?


Catholic Light tells Nihil Obstat he is not going to kiss his moose.

Clog and Come On Get Lively comment on Nihil Obstatís obsession with spelling.
Enemy of the Church isnít as nice in his post.  Integrity comments on Nihil Obstatís proofreading. Sunny Days in Heaven got a visit too.


Cre8d has a couple of thoughtful posts on fellowship and community.


Prinsinnia City, the newest blog on the MartinRothOnline blog roll, calls Prinsiania the least traveled site on the net. Lets all go over to his blog and freak him out! (It has a comments section)


Spudlets looks at why more Pentecostals arenít blogging.


Midwest Conservative Journal on the new Archbishop of Canterbury.


He Lives shares his thoughts on blogging.


-posted 4:05pm, by Bene Diction



Martin Roth posts:


24-Hour Charity Blogathon

I got an email from Jed the Fed of Boxing at Sunset telling me of a Blogathon being held on July 27. On this day bloggers are to post something every 30 minutes for an entire 24 hours, in order to raise money for charity. Jed is doing it for the Bible Society in Australia, and he asked if I might be one of his sponsors (he needs at least three to enter the Blogathon). I've put myself down for $20. Anyone else who can help should please contact Jed.


-posted 11:15am, by Martin Roth



Bene Diction posts:



The new Archbishop of Canterbury has been chosen.




If you are planning to fly to Europe the next few months you may want to reconsider.




Tourists are trapped in this Central American country after thousands of former civil patrollers demand compensation for their part in the 36-year war.



Open Mouth Insert Foot

Israeli cable companies are considering pulling CNN after Ted Turnerís remarks earlier this week.



Philippine Cult

23 people are dead after a shoot out resulted in the arrest of a cult leader. The Philippine Benevolent Missionary Association claims over 3 million members. Mere Madness and How now,brownpau have background on this bizarre group.




More Big Media Weighs In

Another article on blogs, this time from The Financial Times no less. And the Christian Science Monitor says, You Too Can Have a Voice in Blogland.



And the Winner isÖ.

Beliefnet has won a Webby Award for best spirituality site. Mind you, the Peopleís Choice Webby for spirituality went to The Witchesí Voice.




The M&M worldwide vote on new colors is in.



Thai Delicacies

Would you like some bugs in a nice locust sauce with that?


-posted 10:40am, by Bene Diction