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June 18 - June 20, 2002


Thursday 20th June, 2002



A US report has concluded that the F-16 pilot who dropped a bomb on Canadian troops in April did not take time to assess the threat. Four Canadians were killed and eight wounded. The American report recommends both pilots involved face an Article 32 hearing. A Canadian report is due out Friday.



Nigeria Cults

18 people were killed at the University of Nigeria after a secret society opened fire. Since secret societies on Nigerian campuses started in the 1980ís, hundreds have been killed.



Put in Storage

A 28-year-old Dutch biologist kidnapped eight months ago by Columbian rebels speaks out. In 2001 over three thousand people were kidnapped in Columbia.



Anglican Split

The Archbishop of Canterbury says a Canadian decision to bless same sex unions will split the church.



Iíll Eat a Hat

Canadian politicians make a liberal colleague do just that.




Dead Yet Living is looking for people that would be willing to blog. They need people willing to post twice a week. If you arenít ready to try your own blog, this might be a great way to get started.


Joyful Christian thinks through the Palestinian mindset.


N.Z. Bear is giving up on a Palestinian state.


Random Trout continues fire updates.


He Lives has very personal posts on his son Luke and special needs schooling.


Iíve been having major email problems since last night. Think/link on your own. Eight calls to my ISP and Iím still in trouble. Grrrrr. Time to walk away and tackle this later.


-posted 10:15am, by Bene Diction



Wednesday 19th June, 2002


Bene Diction posts:


Blog Watch

He Lives and Mark Byron give Scott Galupo of the National Review Online a good fisking. * I havenít seen any outrage or comments from Catholic bloggers on Galupoís ĎHellbentí article on the US Southern Baptists.


News for Christians chimes in on the evangelical unfriendliness of the NRO.


Midwest Conservative Journal inserts himself into a State Department press briefing

a la Tim Blair.


Thinking Out Loud asks if the Bible is really true.


Sand in the Gears on airline travel and airline food.


Did the earthquakes in the American Midwest jolt any bloggers today? Blithering Idiot in Virginia mentions the 5.0 quake in Indiana. 


*The word used to describe an on-line writer, usually a blogger, picking apart a particularly poor column. Named after Robert Fisk, a left-wing writer, who provides plenty of fodder for war-bloggers.


-posted 9:10am, by Bene Diction



Martin, Youíve Got Mail!

Here is an email Martin received yesterday.


Thanks Martin. What's the relationship between "Bene Diction" and I thought "Bene Diction" was just the name of your blog...??  C. USA. is attracting new readers daily. Gíday! Bonjour!


Permit me to explain. Martin lives in Australia. I, Bene Diction, am not a figment of his imagination, the name of his blog section or his alter ego. I am in Canada and I am real.


Martin and I blogging together from two hemispheres is not a completely unique concept, but it is a bit unusual.


Martin runs the website from Melbourne. I live approximately 17,000 kilometers away. You can calculate your distance from Melbourne here. If you look at the date on the top of the blog, youíll see Martin lives a Ďday aheadí of North America. Here is a time map.


I read and collect material now (Tuesday afternoon) and email Blog and Blog Watch to Martin by early evening each day. It arrives at 8:00 a.m. (Wednesday morning) Australian time. What I send is posted by Martin under my name. Martin has the luxury of adding posts at his leisure under his.


Since the majority of readers at live in North America, new posts seem late to you because they appear in your afternoon or evening. Confused yet?

There is more about this Aussie-Canuck relationship in the web log archives May 25th and 23rd, 2002.


Youíll also notice our blog roll is multi-national, with links to Christian bloggers in Australia, Bosnia Canada, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Philippines, South America, the UK, and the USA.


You can contact Martin the real Australian, or Bene Diction the real Canadian, by emailing linked at the top.


Thank you C. I am quite flattered that my writing style is so similar to Martinís you thought I was the name of his blog. We aim for consistency, quality and good content!




After a few weeks of quiet, and success by the IDF to stop terrorists, a suicide bomber hit Jerusalem today killing 19 and wounding over 40. The security incident map is here.  Tal G. posts from Jerusalem. He now has a comment section. WSJís Opinion Journal picks up with Ted Turners comments in the Guardian.



An Almost Forgotten Hero

Christianity Today has an article on Filipino nurse, Ediborah Yap. Mere Madness posted this update on the Yap family.


Incidentally, the government has granted Debbie's children scholarships, and promised at least one of them stable employment. Furthermore, they might rename the hospital in Mindanao where she worked, after her, in her honor. At least they're making an effort to provide for the family of this incredible woman.


Forest Fires

Colorado residents are on high alert again as things take a turn for the worse. Random Trout has been keeping an eye on the fires.



Ground Zero

American Atheists protest the WTC steel cross. Link via World Net Daily



WWE Wrestler

Shawn Michaels has had a change of heart.




Even Disneyís world isnít safe.



Diet Coke Sponsored This?

An article in the Sydney Morning Herald says half the single women in Australia havenít had a date in six months.



Cellular Signals

An Australian telephone company is blaming gum trees for bad reception.



Sex, Violence and Commercials

A research study says programs with sex and violence overwhelm TV commercials. Advertising agencies and companies have a choice, donít they? This is a no-brainer.


-posted 8:20am, by Bene Diction



Tuesday 18th June, 2002


Bene Diction posts:


Blog Watch

Tall Skinny Kiwi has written A Bloggerís Prayer.


Heal Your Church Website has a great set of links of Christian resources. Thanks to Country Keepers for the heads up.


Pssst. Minute Particulars. Sgt. Strykerís Stupid Sims did wind up in a future theological, uh, not tome, but an Interim Report on the Commission of Canonicity to the Church-in-Exile.


Toongabbie Anglican is looking for links to good Christian resources.


Joyful Christian on what blogging means to him.


Tim Blair has a post on what blogs are in another hysterical romp through Margo land.


Tal G is busy blogging in Jerusalem under a high terror alert.


James Lilieks on Jasper, and why he is not an atheist.


Andrew Sullivan is back, and going after Tappedís numberís claim again. Instapundit picks up the thread.


If you havenít been over to theConnexion, go take a look. A UK minister is participating in a summer exchange programme with an American minister.


Welcome the newest link on the blog roll, This Christian Life. He has just been appointed a deacon in his church.


Urban Onramps is gripped by soccer fever. (A lot of Americans are suddenly showing symptoms) There is also a link to what Australian Muslims think of World Vision.

Itís a mystery has been very busy blogging lately.



False Desire

Several months ago I read this article on Playboyís influence on society and promptly forgot where Iíd read it. Thanks to Sunny Days in Heaven for the link.



Canadian Anglicans

Archbishop Michael Peers, Head of the Canadian Anglican Church says the House of Bishops is not prepared to endorse the blessing of same sex unions.


"What I supported was the way the bishop proposed to deal with people who would be unhappy with the decision," said Peers.

Specifically, the blessing proposal included a 'conscience clause' for priests unwilling to perform the blessing and a provision allowing individual parishes the opportunity to vote on whether they would endorse it.

It will be two years before this issue goes to a national vote. Christianity Today has the coverage on the weekend decision and some background.



Aid or Church Planting?

This article in The Tennessean continues the debate started on NBCís Dateline over the motives of Mercer and Curry in Afghanistan. Here is the EslerFried post on why church opinion is split on this issue. A Catholic blogger wants to know what New Tribes Mission means by Ďunreached people groups.í Anyone? Link via Christianity Today.



Little Pink Churches

American churches have lost their nerve. Link via Relapsed Catholic.



Internet Access

Computer users in Beijing are speaking out against the closure of over 2,200 internet cafes, accusing the government of stopping free expression.



Iranís Blogging Revolution

Persian blogs give women an opportunity at self-expression. Link via Andrew Sullivan


You Say Tomato I Say Tomato

You donít like tomatoes you say? Apparently neither do mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, cockroaches ants, aphids and thrips.



Paid not to steal?

A Norwegian energy company has decided to pay thieves to leave them alone.



Of Mice and Men

As mice multiply in the British House of Commons, cat-calls unite parties.


-posted 10:20am, by Bene Diction